In the Not-too-distant Future

Finally, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Timeline is done.  This took forever, but now every episode’s first airdate is listed, and about 80% of the episodes have full video attached.  An important insight about the site I gathered from adding this kind of bulk info is that it will really be helpful to keep track of which topic timeline people have clicked in order to get to whatever event they’re on, and provide them with a ‘next event in topic’ and ‘previous event in topic’ button.  This will speed up users’ browsing across the same topic if they just wanted to look at pictures or read descriptions quickly in order to get a sense of the flow of a topic.  Being able to get a sense of the trajectory of a part of the world or a show or anything will be more valuable than just looking at an event at a time and going all the way back.  The visualization is coming along too, which is mega-exciting.


Man, it’s taken a long time just to get to this point, but Seinfeld is finished (sort of) up to Season 5.  TV Bloggers might find it interesting and beneficial to add events pertaining to their favorite shows and link back to their blog or website.


Today, it’s all Winter Olympics and Video Games.  Go look.  Rob’s also working very hard on the video game section, and he’s done some exceptional work with it.

Oh, also Harry Potter.

Summer Olympics

Behold.  Finally finished.

Did you know that there were no Olympic Games in 1916, 1940, or 1944?  Or that nations have boycotted the Olympics for multiple reasons, generally political or human-rights, multiple times?

I wouldn’t think that doing something like this would be mentally taxing, but damn I’m tired.  At least tired of the Olympics.  I think I’ll save Winter for next week.


This topic will culminate with the creation of the Gaffield Sideyard Wrestling Federation.

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